Trash the Dress

According to Joelle Caputa of the Huffington Post, Women in their 20s are establishing an empowering worldwide movement of celebratory divorce rituals. These symbolic steps into newly single life include hosting divorce parties, getting tattoos, buying bling rings for their right hand and — the most popular of all — trashing their wedding dresses. “Trash the dress” began as a post-wedding photography trend. Typically, newlyweds get another use out of their big day attire by dressing up and posing for fun, romantic photos in which they lovingly splatter one another with paint or roll around on the beach. On the contrary, young divorcées are taking the art of wedding dress destruction to a whole other level by trashing the dress and everything it represents.

Healthy Expressions Rage Room offers a new spin on this new trend. We will offer you space, paint, and other implements to destroy your wedding dress and or other marital property you wish to destroy. We can also take pictures to commemorate the experience.

Contact us if you want to set up a customized session!

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