Rage Room

Are you someone who is stressed, needs a healthy outlet, or just someone who never breaks the rules?

We are offing an opportunity to Destress- Take out aggression- Get an opportunity to be bad in an environment where being bad is good. Come experience the event that is the RAGE ROOM. You can choose between many tools to break stuff with. We have baseball bats, crowbars, mallets, hammers, golf clubs and more. We offer different packages and a lot of specialty pieces that can be added on.

BYOB (Bring your own breakables) 1-person 30 minutes time limit $25.00.

Additional boxes may be brought for an additional $15. This upgrade comes with 15 additional minutes.

Quick Healthy Expression Session 1- person $25.00. This package comes with 10 mixed items.

Warm-up 1-person $40.00. This package comes with 8 small items,5 medium items, 3 large items


Office Space 1- person $50.00

This package comes with 12 small items, 10 medium items, 2 large items, and 1 printer

Joint Effort 1-2 people $75.00

This package includes 14 small items, 8 medium items, 2 large items,  and 1 electron to smash.

You’re Going to Feel This in the Morning 1-2 people $125

This package includes 20 small items, 16 medium items, 4 large items, and 2 electronics to smash.

 Rage Room Marathon 1-4 people $200

This package includes 40 small items, 30 medium items, 8 large items, and 4 electronics to smash.

Date Night Double Date Deal 2 or More Couples Take place in a Rage Room Competition Each couple purchases the same Rage Room Package The couples Rage On IN THE END WE DECIDES WHO DID BEST AND WHO WINS 25% OFF their next Rage Room

*You can add additional individuals to your rage room for $10 per individual (Excluding BYOB package) *Individuals ages 12-17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (Younger children may be allowed it is based on ability to properly wear safety gear)

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